Men’s French Cuff Shirts

Mens designer shirts

Mens designer shirts, such as the French cuff shirts you may be seeing in the market place are popular with most men. It used to be that only a business man over the age of 50 would wear French cuff shirts. French cuff shirts were considered acceptable at a black tie affair and other than that, they weren’t worn very much, except by businessmen of course. French cuff shirts originated over a hundred years ago in France where they were worn by nobility.

All of that is changing now though. Some younger men are even choosing to wear designer shirts with french cuffs for casual wear or for evening wear. One thing that French cuff shirts will need though is a pair of cuff links. Wearing cuff links can add a touch of fun for the man and a way to wear some sort of jewelry for them too.

There are two ways to wear French cuff shirts too. One is called “kissing” and the other way to wear them is called “barrel.” They say that the most common way that men wear French cuff shirts is the “kissing” way. This is with the inside ends of the cuffs touching and this style is usually for formal wear occasions. French cuff shirts worn “barrel” style means that the ends of the cuffs overlap and give a more causal appearance.

If you are looking for ways to dress up your work wardrobe you will have all kinds of options with dress shirts with french cuffs. You can wear French cuff shirts with slacks and a jacket. Young guys like Brad Pit for example, will French cuff shirts with an unbuttoned cuff and even a nice pair of jeans. If you are looking for French cuff shirts you can find them in fine men’s clothing stores in your local area. Shopping online for them is possible too and you may even find better pricing and selection when shopping online for men’s clothing and shirts with french cuffs today.